July 17, 2018 09:00 AM

Nick Jonas is opening up about what scent he finds the most attractive.

The 25-year-old star, whose romance with actress Priyanka Chopra has been heating up over the past two months, couldn’t settle on one particular fragrance note he loves on women, but did reveal that perfumes and colognes should help boost confidence.

“I think it really depends. As far as my individual taste, I think bolstering confidence and identifying whatever will make [her] feel the most confident is key,” says Jonas. “And feeling like [she] can walk into any room and represent [herself] in a way that feels true.”

As for the kind of scent that makes him feel the most confident, Jonas likes a scent he can wear day-to-night, which is what he kept in mind when he developed his debut cologne with men’s lifestyle brand John Varvatos.

Danny Clinch/John Varvatos JVxNJ

“We are keeping it really authentic — something in my life I can wear at an event suited up or also feel confident and sexy in it if I am just in jeans and a t-shirt,” Jonas tells PeopleStyle. “That balance kind of the everyday man approach while still having a lot of character is a really special thing.”

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The cologne, which is available for purchase today at and, features a combination of mandarin, pink pepper, sage and sandalwood notes for a clean scent Jonas describes as “classy with a bold edge.”


“For me, I always like things to feel really classy and classic, which I feel like this scent does,” he says. “I run a million miles a minute and having something that becomes a part of my identity is a really great thing, and this one does that.”

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Jonas loves the fragrance so much that he’s even been trying to keep it out of his brothers’ — Kevin, 30, Joe, 28, and Frankie’s, 17 — hands. “I haven’t given it them to try because I don’t want them to start wearing it! It is that funny thing when someone in your inner circle starts wearing the same cologne as you, so I am trying to keep it from them for a little while longer so I feel special. And then eventually I will give them one,” Jonas says. 

In honor of Jonas’ exciting cologne launch, we asked the star to share what smell reminded him of success, which he immediately knew the answer to. “I associate success with really nice hotels. I remember when I first started touring and things started to go well for us, a really nice hotel and the soap at the really nice hotels would smell really good,” he tells us. “I associated that with things going really well in my career, so that is success to me in my brain.”

When it comes to what’s next for Jonas’ career, the pop star tells us he “never says never” about a Jonas Brothers reunion, and even though nothing is currently in the works, he does know the first track he’d love to perform onstage alongside his brothers again if it did happen.

“There are so many and it would be more about what would make the fans happiest,” Jonas says. “You know I have so many fond memories of different songs, but I think “Lovebug” and “Burnin’ Up” would probably bring a few smiles to a few people’s’ faces again which would be great to see.”

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