Nick Carter and Devon Sawa argue over who had the best '90s center-parted bowl cut

By Alex Apatoff
Updated July 29, 2015 03:47 PM

Never in our wildest ’90s teen dreams, way back in the day when we were swooning over Nick Carter’s “All I Have to Give” solo and Devon Sawa’s briefly exposed butt in Now and Then, did we think we’d one day be moderating a Twitter feud over their famously floppy locks — let alone one instigated by another Tiger Beat heartthrob. But here we are, so grab yourself a bottle of Orbitz, peel open some Dunkaroos, plop yourself down on your inflatable chair from the Limited Too (it’s coming back!) and read on.

Ron Galella/WireImage; Getty

It all started yesterday, when Justin Bieber gave us all hazy ’90s flashbacks thanks to his center-parted blonde do. Was it Jonathan Taylor Thomas vibes we were getting? Maybe David Beckham in his sexy, soccer-playing prime? Or … no, wait a minute. It was definitely Nick Carter, right down to the soulful smirk and swoon-inducing pipes (among a certain set, anyway).

Well, as it turns out, Nick Carter saw our story, and he agreed with us. “Rock it right, little man,” he wrote.

But another center-parted stud saw Carter’s Tweet and wanted to start something: Devon Sawa, star of Little Giants and Casper. “That’s my style! Back off, Carter!” he Tweeted, then proceeded to deep-dive, getting a little, shall we say … hair-itorial.

But it wasn’t just Sawa and Carter that felt ownership of that particular look. Jack Dawson (yes, the artist on the doomed passage from the Titanic) commented on our Facebook post about it. “ITS MY HAIR CUT” he proclaimed.

So now we’re thinking it’s just a matter of time before some other ’90s hunks come out of the woodwork to claim the hairstyle. JTT, wherefore art thou? Zachary Ty Bryan, speak up! Jon Hamm, we know you’re out there. And we know you want in.

Who wins this mane melée?!

— Alex Apatoff

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