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September 15, 2016 01:49 PM

For those who haven’t checked in on America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon recently, you may have missed that the star has been very devoted to a new accessory: a white turban. Most notably, his choice in headgear set Twitter into meme-overdrive when he showed up at the VMAs sporting one, despite the fact that he’s been rocking this look since at least April. But it turns out as much as his fans love commenting on the musician’s new look, no one loves it as much as Nick Cannon himself.

While you would think the TV personalityย wouldn’t take too kindly to having his fashion choices so openly mocked and questioned by the public, it seems heย actually can’t get enough of it. After Wednesday night’s AGT finale, Cannon has been tweeting and Instagramming reactions and memes about his turban non-stop. In fact, the accessory has even inspired it’s very own Twitter account.

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Clearly, when it comes to his turban, all press is good press:

But clearly, he’s been ready for the haters from day one since even his best friends were giving him a hard time from the moment he donned his new headdress.

If Kevin Hart telling himย all the way back in May on Instagram that he “f***ing hates” his turban didn’t abateย Nick’s #TurbanLove, how doย a handful of Twitter trolls think they’reย goingย to hold him back?

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