The musician showed off his sneaker collection on the latest episode of Complex Closets
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Nick Cannon does not mess around when it comes to his footwear. In fact, the former America’s Got Talent host is so serious about his unparalleled collection of kicks he once got into a very heated feud over the topic with Chris Brown, with both rappers flaunting their bi-coastal, warehouse-sized shoe closets complete with ladders, stairs, custom shelving and lights, and of course, shoes as far as the eye can see. And while we’ll never know the true winner of these sneaker wars, only one of them is the proud owner of the most expensive pair of shoes in the world, custom Tom Ford loafers covered in $2 million worth of diamonds. A pair of shoes he proudly showed off on the latest installment of “Complex Closets.”

For the show, Cannon brought host Joe La Puma into his wardrobe, taking him through his collection and telling him the stories behind a number of his more memorable pairs, which naturally brought them to those one-of-a-kind mega-carat kicks. “Obviously I’m an over-the-top dude and I wanted to stunt,” Nick explains, “You win $1 million on America’s Got Talent if you win the show, so I was like, ‘Yo, I want to have a million dollars on each foot.’ It took a year and a half to make these, so I’ve been planning for so long. The goal is to sell them and donate all the proceeds to charity.”

David Cabrera - 305.772.7543
Credit: Courtesy Complex

And the diamond-encrusted loafers in his closet aren’t the only super rare pair he owns.

David Cabrera - 305.772.7543

The musician showed off a number of custom sneakers he made in honor of his show Wild ‘N Out, including an official pair he made in collaboration with the Air Jordan team featuring the show’s logo embedded in the sole which he debuted on the Complex series, announcing that they would be available in a limited run in the very near future. He also has a number of “not street legal” custom designer pairs, like Nike sneakers covered in the Gucci logo or a pair of BAPE’s with a Goyard star on the side. In other words, even the finest connoisseurs of footwear have got to admit, they’ve got nothing on Cannon and the custom sneaker museum he calls a shoe closet.

What do you think of Nick Cannon’s shoe collection? Which pair is your favorite?