Whose game-day fashion philosophy is "keep it chic, but keep it chill"?

Good news, football fans: The NFL women’s collection is back — and this year’s crop of team spirit-centric clothes and accessories is cuter than ever. From vintage-inspired tanks to easy yoga pants, you’ll be able to wear your team spirit on your sleeve (or leg, as it were). The best part? There isn’t a pink baby tee in the bunch. And the line has celeb fans as well; we caught up with the stars of this season’s campaign — Adrienne Bailon, Keke Palmer, Olivia Culpo and Erin Heatherton — to share why they love their home teams and how they’ll be styling their favorite pieces.

Adrienne Bailon

Why she loves her team:
I’ve loved the New York Giants since I was born because it was right in my hometown and I was born and raised in N.Y.C.

Her game-day style philosophy:
Slay no matter what. Even though it’s a football game, it’s still a fashion show!

How she’ll wear her favorite Giants gear for a game:
I love the beanies. I feel like that’s not just for a game, but even a bad hair day! Rep your team, put your favorite beanie on, I think it’s just super fashionable, I think there’s a way to throw your beanie on with everything. Even a cocktail dress!


Keke Palmer

Why she loves her team:
You know, coming from Chicago and my dad being into every sport there was, there was no way I couldn’t be a Bears lover.

Her game-day style philosophy:
Always keep it chic, but always keep it chill. I love to mix the highs and lows. You can always fit a jersey into any look and they’re always going to go because they give that personality to every outfit. It tells somebody that looks at you what you’re about. They know something about you right off top.

How she’ll wear her favorite Bears gear for a game:
I really love jerseys, because I feel like they can go with anything with an outfit. I mean, it’s classic! You can do it if you’re going to the mall, you can do it if you’re going to a brunch, you can really dress it up any way you want it really just depends on what you do. Maybe you roll up the sleeves, or maybe you tie it in the back and get a little crop top feel, or maybe you — if it’s long enough — wear it as a dress, you know? Belt around it, heels, sneakers…so many things you can add!


Olivia Culpo

Why she loves her team:
I’m from the small state of Rhode Island so we all loved our hometown team since… I was born! We all have a lot of hometown pride because we are so small. Patriots, Red Sox, we love our sports teams.

Her game-day style philosophy:
Represent! Colors have to be coordinated with your team, you obviously have to be geared up with your favorite flair – everything! You’ve just got to make sure that you’re really supporting your roots. That’s what it means to me!

How she’ll wear her favorite Patriots gear for a game:
My favorite piece is the pom-pom beanie. You can dress it up, dress it down… it might look a little ridiculous if you’re going to a club or something, but honestly you can get away with it, because everyone knows you’re wearing it because you love your team.

Erin Heatherton

Why she loves her team:
Both my parents are huge sports fans, so I grew up watching the Bears.

Her game-day style philosophy:
I love classic pieces that are kind of tomboyish, and I love mixing them with feminine pieces. And a boyfriend jean always feels sexy.

How she’ll wear her favorite Bears gear for a game:
I love the hats. The hats are my favorite, there’s no wrong way to do it.

You can shop the collection now on NFLshop.com. How will you be repping your team this year?