The 'New York Times' Slammed Yoga Pants as 'Bad for Women' - and Women Are Not Here for It

The NYT's opinion writer has spoken and Twitter is definitely not happy

The most innocuous of attire, the basic yoga pant, has once again come under fire. And this time it’s not whether they’re acceptable attire on airplanes, it’s whether or not they’re acceptable in the gym.

In a new piece by the New York Times, senior opinion editor Honor Jones wrote a scathing review of the workout pants accusing women of only wearing them “because they’re sexy” – not because they’re practical or comfortable.

The author states that the only people who have the go-ahead to wear skin-tight leggings are deep-sea divers and Olympic speedskaters, while the rest of the world, especially those over 30, should stick to the classic sweatpant.

“Women can, of course, be fit and liberated. We may be able to conquer the world wearing spandex,” the article reads. “But wouldn’t it be easier to do so in pants that don’t threaten to show every dimple and roll in every woman over 30?”

Young woman practicing yoga in an urban loft

There’s also talk about how the rising studio class industry and the popularity of athleisure continue to perpetuate what she sees as a vicious, demoralizing cycle: “When yoga pants are the first thing grown women put on every morning, we can’t help absorbing the message that staying fit is our No. 1 purpose in life.”

If you’re wondering whether this writer understands that there are purposes to wearing a fitted legging during a workout aside from snapping a selfie in the gym mirror, so are many enraged readers on Twitter.

Others called out the implication that those with only “perfect” bodies are “allowed” to wear leggings.

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And some flabbergasted readers simply reacted with straight confusion.

We, for one, think the fact this made its way into the New York Times opinion pages is a bigger stretch than the four-way Lycra that allows us to do triangle pose in peace.

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