New York Mets Pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom on Embracing Their Long Hair: 'Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good'

If anyone deserves a hair deal, it's these guys

If any professional athletes were destined for a hair care deal, it’s New York Mets pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom. These two young pitchers are known as much for their luscious locks — Syndergaard’s nickname is Thor, for goodness sake — as they are for their pitching, which as it so happens, is actually pretty good (don’t forget they went to the World Series last year!). So, honestly, it was only a matter of time until some hair care company tapped them to make their hair icon status official.

And wouldn’t you know it, Axe just did.

Noah Syndergaard (L) and Jacob deGrom (R)

Mike Coppola/Getty

The grooming company known for body sprays beloved (and oft oversprayed) by adolescent boys, signed the dynamic duo to promote its Axe Hair line and encourage men to style their hair everyday “for self-expression and individuality.” It’s an intriguing match up, as the longhaired pair is rarely seen without hats on and their strands hidden under sweat-filled caps.”

But, apparently, everyday hairstyling is important to DeGrom and Syndergaard, as they told PeopleStyle personally when we caught up with them to discuss the partnership in N.Y.C. last week. While they don’t use hair masks and keep their hair to a strictly shampoo-and-conditioner diet, they told us that their long hair is actually incredibly important to their egos and personalities.

“Look good, feel good, play good,” said DeGrom. Now, it’s his good luck charm: “It’s become superstition. When I used to cut it in the minor leagues I felt I gave up runs afterwards so I quit cutting it.”

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For Syndergaard, his hair is his power. “The main reason for me [not cutting my hair] is that the whole Thor persona has really taken off,” said Syndergaard, who earned the nickname after dressing up as Thor one Halloween and, because of the resemblance, it stuck. “I just don’t see myself cutting it anytime in the near future. I’m embracing it a little bit and we’ll see where it goes.”

Noah Syndergaard (L) and Jacob deGrom (R)

Mike Coppola/Getty

Syndergaard’s so committed to his superhero status that his family has even adapted to it. “My mom’s a big fan of it,” he said. “When I took that picture pretending to cut my hair, she was blowing up my phone. She was very anti-haircut. She calls herself Jord [Thor’s birth mother’s name] and she refers to my father as Odin.” (On the flip side, DeGrom said his mother “could care less” about his long hair.)

One non-family fan who’s also embracing Syndergaard’s resemblance is Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. “I have a picture of Chris Hemsworth holding a comic book and it’s autographed to me and it says, ‘From one Thor to another,'” Syndergaard said. “It’s the coolest thing I own.” And he hinted there might be a Thor Meets Thor situation coming up soon: “I’m trying to work something out with him.”

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While Syndergaard may be channeling Thor these days, he said his hair inspo comes from football player Brian Bosworth, who played for the Seattle Seahawks. “I might go with ‘The Boz’ haircut after this,” he said with a smile. We told him we prefer — and always will prefer — Thor.

What do you think of their long hair? Are you a fan? Share with us in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil

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