Courtesy Avon

Reese Witherspoon is the next Hollywood star to join the ranks of celeb perfumers like Paris Hilton and Halle Berry, announcing today that she plans to launch her first signature scent for Avon. In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon will be a gardenia, magnolia and jasmine scent, and the star’s inspiration for the feminine floral was close to home. “In developing In Bloom, I found myself drawn to the scents of my childhood in Tennessee,” explains Reese. “We had a great big magnolia tree in the back yard, and it’s that beautiful white blossom that inspired the perfume.” But while the scent references the actress’s past, she wanted it also to be a clear reflection of her present. “In Bloom is indicative of where I am in my life today,” she says. “I’m feeling very strong and independent, and so happy, so full of life. The fragrance truly captures that feeling­­ — it’s very sensual, very romantic and alluring.” You’ll still have to wait to try the Avon scent, which won’t launch until November of this year, priced at $34 for a 1.7 oz. eau de parfum. Tell us: Are you looking forward to Reese’s fall fragrance launch?