Neil Lane Trades Carats for Ketubahs with His Latest Wedding Venture

"It was fun to do," the celebrity jeweler tells PEOPLE exclusively of his new Neil Lane Ketubah designs

Neil Lane wedding
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Neil Lane loves to find the deeper purpose in everything that he puts his name on.

"Everything has a meaning for me [and] everybody has a meaning for me," Lane, a beloved celebrity jeweler behind some of the most memorable red carpet looks and engagement rings, tells PEOPLE exclusively from his Los Angeles area home.

So when he was approached to design a line of Ketubahs, a license a Jewish couple signs to seal their marriage, Lane took the unique opportunity to say yes and pay homage to his religious roots.

"It was unexpected," Lane says of his designs that range from $550-$1950 and are available online at "They cement the relationship and something to look at and pass down to children. [They are] heirlooms. It was a fun thing to do."

Neil Lane wedding

The design process for the famous Hollywood jeweler was a bit different than anything he had done before.

"I met with them a number of times on Zoom calls and phone calls [and] we talked about," Lane explains. "They were very, very game to do avant garde ones, modern ones, different ones."

"I did design, I did some sketch. I think I did about four or five on my own and then looked at what they had and curated it in a collection of things that they were having [with] what I liked. Then I think we have a half a dozen that I've done, and I think we're about to do some more."

Neil Lane wedding

According to Lane, Ketubahs are becoming so popular amongst newlyweds that those outside of the Jewish religion are wanting in on his designs now, too.

"It's funny how many of my own clients have heard about that and wanted one," the Kay Jewelers partner says. "It was an interesting idea. They had a large audience and they're the ones who told me that it wasn't just Jewish people that were getting married that wanted a Ketubah."

Keeping to his jewelry designing roots, there's sparkle and shine in every piece of his Ketubahs.

"I like sparkle obviously, but it's not necessarily from the world of jewelry," Lane explains. "It's way beyond just the world of jewelry. It's visual sparkle."

Neil Lane wedding

Using purple hues was something very important to Lane, as it also has a personal meaning to his heritage and represents "very powerful love."

"It's royal, it's imperial," Lane explains of the rich color. "Purple is very important in Judaism. The color purple is very powerful. Purple throughout history was very elegant. It's a very rare color to get. Most colors came from natural forms. It wasn't synthetic, like today. They came from rocks or animals. It was a very rare color, purple. I just thought it was a beautiful color."

Tying together his latest business endeavor back to his Jewish roots and the things he loves most gave Lane a sense of pride that he's happy to share with new customers.

"Incorporating my drawings, my tulips designs, my metallics, my Hebrew background growing up, my Jewish background then and now," Lane says as the pieces of artwork are proudly displayed in his home office. "It's become people of all religions and genders and persuasions who want Ketubahs."

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