Need a quick, no-brainer costume for Halloween tomorrow? We rounded up a bunch of celeb-inspired styles

By Alex Apatoff
October 30, 2013 09:57 PM

Maybe your boss has told you he plans to enforce the “trick” in “trick-or-treat” on anyone who doesn’t dress up tomorrow. Perhaps you’re caving to pressure and going to that party after all. Or maybe you’re just looking to get out of putting together an actual outfit in the morning. For whatever reason, you need a last-minute Halloween costume that you can do either with things already in your closet, or with a quick trip to the drugstore. Here are our suggestions, all inspired by your favorite celebs.

NPG; Donna Ward/Getty; All Access Photo/Splash News Online

First up (and easiest): Be vaguely ’90s, just like every star who has been wrapping plaid flannel around their waist like they’re going to a Spin Doctors concert and they just don’t care. And like Kim Kardashian, you can make this sexy (if that’s the Halloween costume code you follow) by wearing it with skintight leather leggings and a low-cut tee.

Also on our the “so easy it’s scary” list: A tutu-inspired A-line dress, cardigan and clip-in bangs makes you Zooey Deschanel (our friends at Modcloth give this look a zombie spin if you don’t want to be too cutesy), or you can do the grown-up version of the Mean Girls sexy mouse by adding lace cat ears to a pretty LBD, à la Nicole Richie.

X17 Online; ABC; Drew Altizer

Alessandra Ambrósio’s outfit may require picking up a red leotard (though if you already have one, we’ll be impressed!) but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more basic costume than onesie, jean shorts, devil horns. She topped it with a sweatshirt later and still got the point across, if you’d like to be a bit more covered up.

This one’s topical and dual-purpose: Your chicest coat, an impeccable blowout and some opera-length gloves are all you need for a sassy Olivia Pope costume that will still keep you warm (pregnant Olivia Pope optional but encouraged). And finally, Rosario Dawson attended the Global Green Gala in every girl’s go-to cute and easy costume: a flapper. Drop-waist dress + headband across forehead = effortless (and office-appropriate) Halloween outfit.

Need even more ideas? Rent the Runway and Etsy came up with about a zillion ideas — one of which you’re bound to be able to replicate at home. Tell us: What’s your favorite no-brainer, no-work-required Halloween costume? Will you give any of these a shot tomorrow?

–Alex Apatoff