December 13, 2010 03:00 PM

B. Ach/INF

With Oscar buzz surrounding her Black Swan performance and the recent announcement of her first major beauty contract, things are just Dior-ific for Natalie Portman these days. But the decision to represent any brand was not an easy one for the star to make. “It was definitely a war inside my head for a long time and finally, I was like, we can actually do something very positive with this, especially given the kind of company Dior is, which is truly elegant,” the 29-year-old actress told
Wednesday during the New York boutique’s reopening celebration. And the French fashion house took aptly stylish steps to keep their A-lister feeling comfortable about her role with them. “One of the things that’s been so nice is that Dior made all of the shoes for me with no animals and no leather or anything,” said the vegan actress, who designed her own line of leather-free shoes back in 2008. “They remade all of my shoes so I can wear Dior shoes without taking lives.” —Jessie Goldberg

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