Three of Nasty Gal's ad campaigns are banned from U.K. because scenes "placed focus on her chest where her rib cage was visible and appeared prominent"

By Colleen Kratofil
October 11, 2018 01:58 PM
Nasty Gal Pop Up Shop
Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Stuart Wilson/Getty

Three of Nasty Gal’s television commercials were banned in the U.K. by the country’s Advertising Standards Authority board due to the unhealthy appearance of the model starring in the ads.

According to a new ruling by the ASA, there were 22 complaints by people who thought the model looked “unhealthily thin,” which raised the question of whether or not the commercial was “socially irresponsible.”

Nasty Gal defended their decision in the ruling, stating that the model they hired is a UK size eight and has a healthy body mass index. The model is 5’8″ and weighs 134 pounds, which meets the U.K.’s National Heath Services guidelines.

In their statement to the ASA, Nasty Gal responded that this model’s look is subjective, noting that some may “view the model to be too slender,” while others would think that she is “of a healthy appearance.”

The ASA ultimately ruled that the ads were “irresponsible” and should be banned because the model appeared “unhealthily underweight” in certain scenes.

In the ruling, the ASA wrote: “The ASA considered that while the female model in the ads generally appeared to be in proportion, there were specific scenes, which because of her poses, drew attention to her slimness,” the ruling states.

“For instance, the ads showed the model lying on a sun lounger stretching her arms, which emphasised their slimness and length,” it continued. “Furthermore, towards the end of the ads were scenes showing the model spraying mist on herself, which placed focus on her chest where her rib cage was visible and appeared prominent.”

In response to the ban, Nasty Gal told PEOPLE: “At Nasty Gal we want to do all we can to use our voice to promote body positivity and diversity. We have worked with the model in this ad many times and she is represented by one of the world’s leading agencies, whose key priority is the health of their models. Her athletic build is in accordance with the NHS guidelines for a healthy adult women, however upon receiving notice of the complaint from the ASA, the Ad was immediately removed from air.”

This news comes weeks after the brand faced harsh criticism from shoppers over their new extended size range. Nasty Gal announced in September that they were “we’re finally joining the party!” by offering clothing in sizes 0-18, but many complained on social media that the range wasn’t inclusive enough.

“F— all the way off @NastyGal. Y’all still don’t like fat people. If you did, you’d realize that fatness is above a size 18 and bad fatties deserve clothing, too. No matter how much you hate them. Oh and fatness is a party BUT YOURE NOT INVITED. ✌🏻,” one woman tweeted when the new size range was announced.