By StyleWatch
May 11, 2010 05:12 PM

courtesy of Nars

Francois Nars may have perfected the faces of supermodels and superstars around the world, but when he needed a spokesmodel for his newest line of face-smoothing Pro-Prime products, he looked no further than home. Introducing the world’s newest canine makeup model, Nars’ own French bulldog. And the dog isn’t just trotting out to have his picture taken for the first time, having traveled with his makeup artist mogul dad for years. “With all the world traveling, I started to really show all of my wrinkles,” the fabulous 13-year-old pooch tells PEOPLEPets via e-mail. So what does he do to maintain a fresh face.” “Find your own beauty, and enhance it,” he offers as a tip to both humans and their dogs. “But always, always take care of your skin.” Pick up Nars Pro-Prime at, and get the full scoop on modeling and makeup from Marcel at!–Helin Jung