June 30, 2017 04:18 PM

Earlier this week, makeup giant Nars announced its decision to sell their products in China — a move that would force them, by law, to test their products on animals. For the formerly cruelty-free brand, the announcement sparked major conversation among loyal customers and fans. And now, beauty industry pros — including makeup guru Kat Von D — are all voicing their concerns.

“I don’t normally post graphic images on my Instagram, but due to the terrible news we all got this week when @narsissist announced they’ve decided to start testing their cosmetics on animals, it wouldn’t feel right not to say SOMETHING,” Von D shared on her personal Instagram account, along with a series of graphic photos demonstrating the dangerous effects of animal testing.

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She went on to plea with the brand, which she says she was once loyal to, to reconsider their decision.

“Using the excuse that you want to elevate artistry, is complete bulls— when it comes at this price. You are NOT at the ‘forefront’ of making change when you consciously choose to test on animal,” she wrote, responding to their statement, adding,”There are already non-animal tests that give far more accurate results than testing on animals and supporting that horrible billion dollar industry is criminal. Shame on you for hiding behind such a false marketing statement in order to line your pockets, while countless animals suffer.Please reconsider selling in China until the animal testing laws change. Until then, I along with many true animal lovers will gladly boycott your products.”

NARS released a statement amid the controversy, explaining that while they are abiding by the demands of the Chinese cosmetics industry at this moment, they’re supporting the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (known as IIVS), an organization working to bring an alternative method to the country.

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