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“Valerie Plame wore Armani in real life,” Roberta Armani, designer Giorgio Armani’s niece, told PEOPLE of America’s most famous ex-spy, on the red carpet at the Cinema Society’s N.Y.C. screening of Fair Game on Wednesday. “In real life,” explained Doug Liman, who directed the film starring Naomi Watts about the former C.I.A. officer, “Valerie Plame is incredibly sexy. And you can only imagine how that sexiness would have worked in the field recruiting assets in foreign counties. So, yeah, it was awesome to put a spy in something incredibly beautiful.” Added Watts, who plays the former undercover C.I.A. operative: “To the world, she presents this very soft-spoken feminine, woman, which she is,” insisted the star. “She’s that, plus, underneath it all, she could take you out.” A spy who wore Armani? “I am an Armani fan,” confirmed Valerie Plame Wilson, looking chic in a black pantsuit from the designer. “The first time I really spoke in public was at the congressional hearing. And I treated myself to an Armani jacket, because it made me feel as confident as I possibly could.” So much so that the jacket was recreated for Watts in the movie. “On camera, the real one created a moiré pattern. But she did have pieces of Armani in her wardrobe in real life,” explained Wanda McDaniel, Armani’s executive vice president of entertainment industry communications. Watts not only shared Plame Wilson’s love of the Italian fashion house–both wore sexy Armani creations on the red carpet–but it also appeared that she adopted a similar tousled blonde hairstyle. “I realized that on the red carpet,” explained Watts. “I said, ‘It looks like I stole your hairstyle, doesn’t it?’ . . . . She does have ownership of this hairstyle.” –Jeffrey Slonim