Naomi Watts Says She Suffered from 'Miserable' Rosacea While Filming Netflix's Gypsy

The actress applied makeup "two to three times a day" and spent "hours under hot lights" on the set of the 2017 Netflix TV show

Naomi Watts knows all too well that getting glammed day after day comes at a cost to one’s skin.

The actress, 51, revealed in a new interview with The Sunday Times that her skin suffered from “miserable” rosacea as a result of her 16-hour work days on the set of Netflix’s psychological thriller, Gypsy.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

“A few years back in 2016, while I was working 16-hour days on Gypsy, I was having to apply make-up two to three times a day and spend hours under hot lights, and I was really suffering from rosacea,” Watts told The Sunday Times. “It was making my life miserable. My skin was just saying ‘leave me alone.'”

The actress explained that even after seeing dermatologists, nothing was relieving her skin’s redness until she discovered The Beauty Chef, an “edible skincare” brand.

“I quickly saw that my skin and hair improved dramatically,” said Watts. “The philosophy of ‘clean’ really started to resonate for me, so one by one I started to eliminate chemically driven products from my beauty regime, and guess what? My skin turned around. I realised that, in the same way we have learnt not to eat vegetables covered in pesticides and chemicals, why would I put them on my face?”

The actress now considers herself a clean-beauty advocate. She created her own clean beauty and lifestyle brand Onda Beauty with two friends in 2016 and has even teamed up with other celebrities in the beauty space, including Goop founder and pal, Gwyneth Paltrow.

“She has been very supportive,” Watts said of Paltrow. “Selling our products and inviting me onto panels.”

With her beauty hub, Watts hopes to shut down the negative stigma around menopause and aging.

“Menopause should not be a dirty word,” she said. “It’s such a shame society has made it so. We need support from each other, and to not be made to feel like unsexy, infertile, crabby old ladies that should be sent out to pasture.”

She continued: “We actually have wisdom and compassion that far outweighs youthful arrogance. Along with some mood swings and floods of tears on the side.”

The Academy Award nominee has “made her peace” with aging but admitted that she hasn’t always protected her skin from the sun and other aging agents.

“I’m 51 and I haven’t spent a lifetime looking after my skin,” the actress explained. “I used to love sunbathing and never gave much thought to what I was doing to myself.”

The mom of two also revealed that she has tried Botox, but prefers youthful makeup to needles.

“I have tried certain things, but haven’t felt great about the results,” Watts added. “I didn’t like Botox. It doesn’t work for my job. I can’t express grief with a solid, frozen head. But going forward I would actually never say never. But for now I rely on lighting and make-up to make me look as good or, for that matter, as bad as I need to.”

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