Naomi Campbell Reveals the Secrets Behind Her Flawless Complexion in New 10-Minute Beauty Tutorial

The supermodel shared some of her go-to skincare and makeup products in the video

Naomi Campbell skincare

As a legendary supermodel, Naomi Campbell has worked with the greatest makeup pros in the industry for decades. So, it's no wonder the star has learned a trick or two about beauty over the years. Now, she's sharing her secrets with fans by walking them through her quick and easy daily skincare and makeup routine.

"I'm going to guide you through a quick skincare routine and a quick beauty look," Campbell, 50 said in her new Vogue Beauty Secrets video.

To start, the model spritzed her skin with a water-like toner mist before microneedling with a roller. "I always use zinc," Campbell said as she held up the La Roche-Posay Serozinc Toner ($14.99), which mattifies the complexion and reduces oiliness.

"I have to be a bit careful cause it's very sharp and they're extra long," she said as she used the microneedle roller all over her face. "Don't go too close to under the eyes with this," Campbell added.

When she finished, the supermodel went in with a serum, which she said will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin since she just exfoliated. Then she applied another serum mixed with Vitamin E oil, Vitamin C powder and "just a drop" of hyaluronic acid serum.

Next, it was time for makeup. "For me when I'm doing makeup, I'm playing at the same time," she explained. "I'm trying new colors and trying something new each time. It's kind of an experiment to see how it turns out."

Beginning with concealer, Campbell said she has to use "three or four" different kinds all over her face "because dark skin is that way." She added, "You can't use one color all over." She set it with a little bit of powder, but made sure to go light-handed since she doesn't like it to appear "mask-like."

Once she got to her brows, Campbell admitted that filling them in isn't really her area of expertise. So instead she simply brushed them with a spoolie. "I'm really bad at eyebrows. If you get it wrong it can be a disaster for your whole face," she said. "So I'm not going to touch my eyebrows today. I'm just going to brush them and leave them because I know I will make a mess!"

To contour, the star used the NARS Contour Blush Duo in Gineah ($42). "I sometimes use it also as a bit of a base on top of my eyes and then I'll put a color on top," she said. She even used a little bit to contour her nose. "You all know that I do this!" Campbell said. She added some glow with a dash of highlighter down the bridge of her nose and on her cheeks from the Pat McGrath Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio ($50).

Campbell also added a tiny amount of the same highlighter to the inner corner of each eye using a precise, flat eyeshadow brush. "A little pop!" she said. To finish her eyes, she brushed a bit of a burgundy eyeshadow all over the lid from her Pat McGrath Mothership VII Divine Rose Eyeshadow Palette ($125).

For blush, Campbell went with one of her favorites, which has been used so much, the powder compact was completely cracked. "It's Tom Ford called Zero Flush ($60). It's very pink but it doesn't come out that way on the skin. It's very light but I love this color," she said.

To complete her look, the model applied a lip liner, baby pink Pat McGrath Labs lipstick ($38) and a sparkly lip gloss.

Even though Campbell learned a lot about makeup and skincare once she became a model, she said her mom was the person who taught her the importance of self-care from a young age.

"My mother always told me I had to moisturize my face and body," she said. "I used to use my mother's products when I was a child. But it's something in my family, that the women [would take] care of their skin and kept it hydrated."

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