'Music City' Star Jessica Mack Is Engaged! All About Her Love Story – and Her Ring!

The singer and star of CMT's Music City is engaged to Andreas Plackis! See her gorgeous ring

It’s a reality romance!

Jessica Mack, singer and star of the CMT reality series Music City, is engaged to her boyfriend of seven months, Andreas Plackis. The couple met through a small group at their church in Nashville.

“Everything just fit,” Mack tells PEOPLE exclusively of her relationship with Plackis. “He had a strong faith, we enjoyed each other’s company and I was super attracted to him. It was easy with him.”

Plackis proposed via an “extravagant” plan — but he had to improvise a bit on the spot.

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“We went on a scavenger hunt to find clues that would lead me to a missing page in a book we have been writing back and forth in to each other since the beginning of the year,” Mack explains. “The clues pieced together formed a picture of Centennial Park. He took me out to this big tree and I started searching for the paper. After a good five minutes I gave up and asked for his help.”

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Finally, she says, “He turned me away from the tree and gave me the paper. He said count to three and do what the paper says. I count, I read and it says, ‘Turn around.’ When I turn around I see Dre pull out a ring box out of his pocket.”

Plackis got down on one knee to pop the question, to which Mack (affectionately known as J-Mack on the show), of course answered yes “after I quit freaking out.”

After the proposal at Centennial Park, “we went on to have a very fun day that he had set up for us which included a romantic dinner and surprise engagement party.”

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The ring Plackis proposed with — a 1.07 round-cut solitaire diamond on a rose-gold band — holds a special meaning as it’s a family heirloom.

Mack’s single life was documented on the first season of Music City, which was created by Adam DiVello (a.k.a. the man behind The Hills and Laguna Beach). She briefly dated personal trainer (and fellow aspiring singer) Jackson Boyd on the series before splitting after he started romancing Miss Tennessee contestant Savana Hodge.

The couple plans to get married August 25 in Mack’s home state of Arkansas.

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