Watch a hilarious clip of the two old friends giving each other "makeovers" on Fallon's show

By Alex Apatoff
Updated March 22, 2013 02:30 PM

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

We’re pretty sure this isn’t what Drew Barrymore had in mind when she designed her Flower Beauty cosmetics line.

While appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday, the star engaged in a game of “Russian Rougette” with her old pal (and Fever Pitch co-star). If one drew a box containing Flower makeup, the other got to use it freely all over their opponent’s face.

And as you can imagine, things got ugly fairly quickly, with Fallon smearing eyeshadow all over Barrymore’s face and Barrymore heavily coloring in Fallon’s lips with bright lipstick.

Don’t let us spoil the magic for you, though: check out the video below and tell us: What do you think of Fallon and Barrymore’s “makeovers?”

–Alex Apatoff