Morgan Stewart Says Her New Sports Bras 'Look Good on Everyone'

Morgan Stewart Says Her New Sports Bras 'Look Good on Everyone'

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When former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart couldn’t find a sports bra that fit her the right way, she decided to take matters into her own hands — and created her own. Now, just over a year after launching her first collection of sports bras, leggings and bomber jackets, Stewart has expanded her collaboration to include a variety of styles and colors. We caught up with Stewart at her Touché LA pop-up shop at Saks Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C. to find out all of the details on her newest collection — and learn why her bra is perfect for everyone.

“I want you to be able to wear this if you have my size boobs, if you have bigger boobs or you are flat chested,” Stewart says of her bra. “I wanted to make something that was gonna be you know perfect for across the board. They look good on everyone.”

For Stewart, creating her own line of sports bras came out of her own frustrations. “I used to use the Lululemon Tata Tamer, but it just looked like a nursing bra. And I almost felt like it was still too roomy,” she says, adding, “There was one Nike bra but it was just too flimsy and I just said, ‘You know let’s do something that’s tight, that’s gonna keep me in, that’s cute and that is going to literally have a thick enough strap but a thin enough strap to be flattering.’ You need something that compresses your boobs. I’m larger chested, so I definitely wanted to have something that was going to be supportive. We had tested so many different samples and I had gone and done my research and looked online and I just never found a bra that I really liked.”

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But for the star, creating the right fit was nearly as challenging as finding one in a store. “We’ve tested it so many times and they brought me so many samples and I was like, ‘this is too thin,'” she says about her quest to create a seamless sports bra in bright and very light colors — including white. “I was like, ‘If we’re gonna be doing the colors that I want to be doing, it needs to be a thicker material. Every girl has some sort of cellulite in some place and the fabric needed to be thick enough to smooth it.”

Another important factor she focused on: sweat marks. “This fabric does not show a damn thing,” she says. “I do hot yoga so I sweat a lot and it’s still very minimal. Barely anything.”

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The ultimate deciding factor on her latest fabric? “I felt the best in it,” Stewart shares. “And to be honest with you, I was sick and tired of not working out because I had my period or because my workout clothes weren’t making me feel good. I wanted to be able to wear something no matter what and sit in the car after and not feel disgusting and not have anything cut into me. It’s just the most obvious choice.”

And as it turns out, Stewart isn’t the only Hollywood star who feels good in her designs. Khloé Kardashian and Olivia Culpo have both been seen working out in the star’s matching workout sets.

“They’re not being paid to wear it,” Stewart shares. “A lot of them have purchased it themselves and they’re rocking it because they look good in it and it’s cute. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. I just wanted to make a chic workout set and its fun. I think when things are so overly simple people’s minds get blown because it’s like wait why didn’t I think of it? Because you’re trying to over do it. Keep it simple.”

But aside from having a sexy set of clothes to work out in, Stewart has a few requirements for feeling her best.

“I’m like a racehorse. I need to be properly fed. I need to be I need to have the proper amount of sleep the proper amount of hydration. Like its such a balancing act for me, the second if I go rogue and I’m not working out as much as I usually do or I’m eating like shit, I’m a mess,” she shares. “I don’t feel good; I’m somebody that reacts very strongly to food and salt so if I just need to really take care of myself. Even like these three-day trips I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water. So anytime I’m not on top of my game I don’t feel good and I fall apart.”

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