Helena Christensen and Other Models Support Linda Evangelista After Sharing Alleged CoolSculpting Damage

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and a slew of other stars sent their love to Linda Evangelista amid her lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics

90s models
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Linda Evangelista's friends and fellow supermodels are letting her know they are always in her corner.

After the 56-year-old supermodel announced a lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics after a CoolSculpting procedure five years ago left her "permanently deformed," some of her peers from the "Magnificent Seven" — The New York Times' nickname for the glamorous cohort of models that rocked the runways in the '90s and became household names — sent their support.

"Linda—your strength and true essence are forever recognizable and iconic! Bravo! 💋" Cindy Crawford commented on Evangelista's tell-all Instagram post.

"I applaud you for your Courage and strength to Share your experience and not be held hostage by it anymore .. You know I love you . We love you ., and here for you always Right by your side," echoed Naomi Campbell.

90s models

"I can't imagine the pain you gone through mentally these past 5 years ., your free of it now .. remember who you are , and What you have achieved and your influence and all the lives of people you have touched , and still doing so to this very day by sharing your story," she continued. "Proud of you , and support you every step of the way .. ❤️❤️"

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"You are loved," wrote Christy Turlington.

"It would've taken immense courage and strength to write these words. I can honestly say that I broke down in tears reading this," Helena Christensen began.

"Not only because I knew in my heart you somehow had been quietly going through something deeply personal and disturbing but also because I thought of all the scars life leaves on us all, whether physical or emotional and how long we suffer mostly in silence and alone," she said. It is so important and beautiful when someone steps out of the shadow and are brutally honest and real. Thank you for being beautiful inside and out ♥️"

90s models

Evangelista, Crawford, Campbell, Turlington and Christensen, along with Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson, were crowned as "legends of the modern catwalk" by the Times in 1996, and defined a generation of models.

Other celebrities and fashion industry insiders shared their support in the comments section of her Instagram post.

Model Karen Elson reminded Evangelista that she is "so loved" writing, "I can only imagine the pain and trauma you experienced because of this. Especially as our identity as women has been defined by how we look. We've been praised and vilified for it. It's so confusing and oftentimes the media that builds us up then so easily tears us down. I know it's easy for me to say but I look at you with so much admiration. No one can take away that essence you alone have, but you don't deserve this."

Natalia Vodianova wrote, "My darling, this is such an important conversation and you are the voice for so many unheard 🙌❤️🙌 BRAVO."

"I'm so sorry for what you've had to endure," Paulina Porizkova added. "Coming out of the shadow is so strong and courageous. I applaud you and welcome back in the light where you belong!"

Designer Brandon Maxwell wrote a heartfelt comment praising Evangelista's inner beauty. "As someone who idolized you growing up, and still does to this day, I have always recognized you as someone who was physically beautiful, yes, but more importantly you really shone bright from within. It has been your sense of humor, your innate joy, and your ability to present so effortlessly the best in life that I've always been the most attracted to. In your darkest moments may you never forget the light you have sparked in so many, and continue to. Sending you all the love. ❤️"

Actress January Jones wrote, "Love that you're reclaiming your story. This strength and bravery supersedes any superficial outward appearance. An icon is an icon is an icon. Always❤️."

While many of the supers have continued to work and model to the present day, Evangelista told followers Tuesday that she has disappeared from the public eye in recent years because of the damages inflicted by her CoolSculpting treatment, admitting she has "become a recluse" after the procedure gone wrong.

The supermodel revealed that she was "brutally disfigured" by CoolSculpting, which she said "increased, not decreased" her fat cells as a result of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH, a side effect she said she was not warned of before the procedure.

"PAH has not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing," Evangelista wrote.

By sharing her story with the public and taking legal action, the model said she is "moving forward to rid myself of my shame."

"I am so tired of living this way. I would like to walk out my door with my head high, despite not looking like myself any longer," she added.

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