The famous catwalker opens up about her beauty routine

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated March 02, 2016 06:15 PM

Being a supermodel has its perks (jet-setting across the globe, seeing your face plastered all over billboards and in magazine ads, etc.), but as the face of Maybelline New York and Burberry, Jourdan Dunn says the latter tends to get in the way of her private, off-duty life, which she says, she’d prefer to keep private — even if her six-year-old son doesn’t seem to agree.

Jourdan Dunn

Samir Hussein/Getty

“It’s crazy because you start seeing [my ads] everywhere. I’ll go to Boots and there’s me, Super Drug, there’s me, airport, there’s me. It’s like, ‘Ah!,'” she told
Into the Gloss
. “Whenever I’m out with my son and people come up to me and ask me if I’m Jourdan Dunn, I’ll be like, ‘No.’ But he’s like, ‘Yes you are, mum!’ One time he said it in front of someone! When I won Model of the Year, he was like, ‘See, mummy, you are a model, see?’ He kind of takes the mick out of me. He doesn’t understand why I deny it sometimes.”

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Since having her son, Riley, Dunn, 25, said her skincare routine has become more prestige and less drugstore — an expensive habit which started practically the day after she gave birth!

“My beauty routine actually hasn’t really changed since I had my son. If anything it’s probably become more intense,” she said. “I remember the first day I got back home from the hospital [after giving birth] — I woke up in the morning and I did my face and my mum was like, ‘Jourdan, what are you doing? Just relax!’ I have a routine of taking my son to school and traveling and all of that, and it just gets more intense, so I make sure that the products that I use are very hydrating for my skin. Skincare is what burns my pocket because I see new things and I’m like, ‘Ooo! Gotta buy it!'”

While she’s nailed down her skincare routine, Dunn hasn’t had as much luck with her hair. After having her strands straightened, curled, pinned up and down for different modeling gigs, she decided to chop it all off last year.

“My agency wanted me to change my hairstyle for a while, but because it was my agency telling me to do it, I didn’t want to do it,” she told Into the Gloss. “I wear wigs because it got to the point where my hair was so damaged from work — I remember I was at [my hairstylist’s, Renda Attia] salon and she was like, ‘Jourdan, I’m not putting these clips back in your hair, you have no hairline and it’s going to get to the point where you’re going to have no hair, and I’m not going to be held responsible for it.’ We talked about having it in a bob and different bob ideas. It was a fun process.”

Dunn added that with the help of faux strands, she’s able to have a little fun with her hair while also repairing it: “I’m protecting my hair, but at the same time playing with what kind of style I want to do. I have so many wigs now! I have a blue wig, a purple wig, I have long, bob, medium — it’s fun!” (Sounds like a certain Jenner sister we know…)

For more on Dunn’s full beauty routine, check out the full interview at Into the Gloss.

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–Sarah Kinonen