Her advice is guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling cool until at least August

By Jackie Fields
Updated December 18, 2019 11:56 PM

Chanel Iman has a little secret: Models are not immune to summer’s sweltering heat and extreme humidity. (Shocking, we know.) But the 25-year-old beauty does have a few tricks up her sleeve for beating the heat — and looking hot AF while doing it — which she shared with PeopleStyle, while giving Jennifer Lopez some serious competition for the title of Bronzed Goddess during the opening of Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel last week. Below, she divulges the fashion and beauty truths she swears by.

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1. Ditch your clingy clothes.
Summer is not the season to suffer for fashion, says Iman. “When it’s super hot, I wear a lot of flowy dresses,” she says. A bonus of a loose silhouette? You can slip it on in seconds, which means less time in front of the mirror and more time under the sun. “If I put one of those on, I get more time to do what I want to do outside, like shopping! It’s just the perfect outfit for the weather,” she says.

2. Get clever with your footwear.
Strappy sandals will only get you so far when you’re pounding the pavement or exploring a park. So Iman says to take a cue from the gals who brave Coachella and try completing your ensemble with a short bootie. “I think all the girls are doing that now,” says Iman, adding, “I love wearing a short boot with a white dress.” The model also gets a lot of milage out of Converse sneakers in summer. When it comes to flip-flops, relegate them to the pool.

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3. Pull your hair into a half bun.
Why risk soaking your face-framing layers in sweat when you could sweep your hair into the hottest style of summer 2016? The look is so simple, Iman does it herself before hitting the red carpet (above). “It’s one of my favorite styles! I use those bungee elastics with hooks at both ends that you can buy at Ricky’s for the best grip. I buy the black ones so it blends with my hair.” Her other genius tip: make the bun a little messy so the elastic is hidden — and so your hair has an effortless look.

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4. Use melt-proof makeup.
“If I do put on makeup it’s usually during the evening when it’s cooled down a little bit,” says Iman. Her look includes five simple steps: “I clean up my skin a little bit, then I use a waterproof eye liner (she’s “obsessed with” Marc Jacobs’ version), I do a little bit of a brow and then I add a glow on my cheeks (with her makeup artist Angel Merino’s Luxurious Cheek Color compacts). I always use the MAC setting spray to give my look a dewy, fresh feel and to help my makeup stay in place.”

  • 5. Shelve your heavy scents.
  • Pack up your winter fragrance with your collection of pashminas and spritz on something lighter. Iman loves
  • Flora by Gucci. “It’s my summer scent because it smells so fresh.”

What are your top style and beauty tips for surviving summer? Share below!

–Jackie Fields