March 27, 2012 01:00 PM

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Lily Collins has a new fashion philosophy after shooting her latest film, Mirror Mirror: Don’t complain!

“After four months of wearing corsets and ball gowns, sword fighting in these crazy forests, I promised myself I’d never complain about wearing high heels again,” the actress told reporters in Los Angeles recently during press conference for the film.

Costar Julia Roberts felt the pain, too. “[The costumes] had to be quite architectural, and in that, not terribly cozy,” she added.

In addition to lacking comfort, the wardrobe was apparently quite difficult to maneuver. Snow White’s swan-inspired ball gown proved an especially difficult challenge for Collins.

“I had these wings that I would forget I had on and then try to walk through a doorway and get stuck,” she said of her costume for a glamorous ball scene. “It becomes so much a part of you that you forget how big you are in comparison to doorways and all that kind of stuff.”

Relativity Media

Fortunately, Collins’s ability to lose herself in the film’s extravagant costumes also aided her character development. “They became really second skin, and they became the process of Lily turning into Snow White every morning,” she explained. “They really, really started to become part of maneuvering around the set in a way that Snow would, not necessarily how I would.”

And both stars agree — comfortable or not — the costumes couldn’t have been more visually pleasing. They come with a pedigree, too: they were created by Eiko Ishioka, an Oscar-winning costume designer who sadly died of pancreatic cancer in January.

“They truly were pieces of art and a privilege to get to wear,” Collins shared. “Being in those costumes all the time, the little girl inside of me would just be in awe the whole time watching the film.”

Added Roberts, “They’re stunning … They were completely original and authentic to what we were trying to accomplish.”

–Jessica Wedemeyer


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