Get the exclusive scoop on Lambert's custom cuff bracelets, straight from her mom Bev

If your summer plans are anything like ours, they’re a little something like this: Go to the beach. Drink a lot of rosé. Go to a Miranda Lambert concert. Her Platinum tour, which kicked off this spring, has been her most stylish one yet, up to and including the custom cuffs she’s been wearing — and now selling! — on the road. We got the exclusive scoop on the special pieces straight from her merchandise manager, who just happens to be her mom, Bev.

Miranda Lambert Rustic Cuffs

Brianna Paciorka/ Times-Picayune/Lando

Bev worked with Rustic Cuffs to create the Platinum-themed pieces (there are three designs) after noticing that her daughter was already a big fan of the brand. “Rustic Cuff has been sending Miranda cuffs for as far back as her career began,” she tells PEOPLE. “On the Platinum Tour I noticed her nightly wardrobe included pieces from their collection. Miranda loves the pieces so much that I knew that fans would love them too. There are fans that wear the logo tees and caps but there are also fans that don’t wear that type of tour merch. They want something to represent their loyalty that is a little more subtle. The cuff is the perfect fit for them!”

And those caught sporting the cuffs might be in for a treat — Bev says her daughter is known to give street shoutouts to her followers. “I remember one time, in the beginning of her career, we were driving down the street in Nashville and she saw a big group of fans with her fan club tee on,” Bev says. “She rolled down the window, had me pull up beside them and said, ‘Thank you for being a Ran Fan!’ Needless to say the cameras came out pretty quickly!”

Lambert’s Platinum cuffs are a constant accessory, but she has a few other special pieces in her collection as well. “Of course, it’s never in the jewelry box, but Miranda’s favorite piece of jewelry would most certainly be her wedding ring,” Bev says. “After that it’s a ring that my mother gave her a few years back on her birthday. It’s beautiful. She wears it to all awards show and calls it her ‘good luck charm.'”

She also isn’t shy about treating herself to jewelry (with her first paycheck, Bev tells PEOPLE, Lambert bought “a Tiffany’s celebration ring and then she bought a ring for me!”) but when husband Blake Shelton’s buying (and he’s not giving her a piece from his sister Endy’s collection), one thing’s for sure: “Blake’s taste for Miranda is unique — big and bold!” We guess when it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better, right?

What do you think of Miranda’s cuffs? Ready to get one for yourself?

–Alex Apatoff

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