November 13, 2015 08:30 PM

When supermodel Miranda Kerr jet sets to New York, Los Angeles and her native Australia, her style changes to match her destination.

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“In New York I feel like anything goes. In L.A. it’s definitely a lot more casual,” Kerr told PEOPLE at a Reebok event at SIX:02 in Santa Monica last week. “In New York, I love to dress up for the winter season and really embrace the layers and have over-the-knee boots, where if I wore that in Malibu, people would think I was crazy.”

“So in Malibu I try to keep it really simple,” she added. “I honestly wear a lot of tights and sneakers. Australia is also very quite relaxed — kind of like the Malibu vibe — depending on if I have a business meeting.”

And other than a few staple pieces (like her favorite men’s jacket), Kerr, 32, said she tries to clean out her wardrobe pretty often.

“The less I have, the better I feel,” she explained. “I do spring-cleaning at least once a month so then I’ll give clothes away to charity [and] my friends — that way I feel like it’s constantly moving.”

“I don’t like to keep a lot of stuff,” she continued. “I much prefer just to have things that I wear and if I’m not wearing it then I’ll give it away.”

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As for what would surprise people about her everyday beauty routine? Kerr’s musts include coconut oil and a cold shower.

“I put coconut oil all over my body and have a cold shower. It’s a really great way to wake up and get the circulation going,” Kerr said, adding that she also rinses her mouth with coconut oil (also known as oil pulling).

“You put cold-pressed, organic coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for ten minutes — don’t ever swallow it — and then spit it out,” she says. “I spit it into my garden, rinse my mouth out, brush my teeth, then you do mouthwash after.”

“It’s really, really good for the body,” she said of the ancient Ayurvedic dental remedy. “I love anything to do with health and wellness — and trying to live a balanced life.”

–Mariah Haas

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