The star proves even supermodels indulge in their greasy food cravings!

Miranda Kerr has never made a sandwich and two plates of greasy french fries look so … naked.

The Aussie supermodel, 32, shared a sultry, mid-bite photo of herself devouring some late-night munchies on Instagram after attending the Louis Vuitton show in Palm Springs on Wednesday.

Miranda Kerr at the Louis Vuitton show in Palm Springs

Donato Sardella/Getty

It’s unclear whether the couch is blocking the beauty’s pajamas, but Kerr appears practically naked while posing beside the nearly cleaned plate and empty glass of wine in the background. (We imagine Ms. Kerr is clothed because it looks like a pal is snapping a photo in the left-hand corner!)

The model also reminded her followers of a helpful wellness tip, the 80-20 rule: the trick advises you to focus on eating clean 80 percent of the time, while allowing yourself the freedom to indulge cravings the other 20 percent.

“After show indulgence … It’s all about a balance,” the beauty captioned her picture.

The former Victoria’s Secret stunner is a major wellness advocate and credits a balanced diet, a regular fitness routine and an adorable little workout buddy with keeping her trim.

Kerr’s 4-year-old son with ex Orlando Bloom, 38, helps her exercise and whip up healthy frozen treats.

“The other day he was like, ‘Mama, I want to make a smoothie.’ He wanted to make his own smoothie, and then he said, ‘This one’s for you. It’s full of antioxidants,'” she told PEOPLE last year.

She also added that her and her little boy always keep their feet moving at home: “We dance all the time, he loves it. It’s one of his favorite things.”

–Jacqueline Andriakos

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