September 24, 2015 04:40 PM

It would be a dream to shadow Mindy Kaling for 24 hours on The Mindy Project set. From her amazing wardrobe closet (Mindy Lahiri is undoubtedly the best dressed doctor in TV Land) to her hot co-stars, Kaling probably has one of the best sets in Hollywood. Luckily, she shares a lot of the action with her fans on Instagram — the good, the bad and the downright embarrassing. Her latest post was the last category and involved a really pretty purple dress and the actress’s “big butt.”

Courtesy Mindy Kaling

“When you split the seam of your dress doing some physical comedy because you have a big butt and you need to be sewn up. Glenn is brave. #themindyproject,” Kaling captioned the funny behind-the-scenes photo of herself.

The star often gives fans a peek inside her on-and-off-screen wardrobe, always serving up some serious style inspiration. And that’s why she landed a spot on our best dressed list.

Kaling’s stylist and the costume designer behind The Mindy Project, Salvador Perez, told People that the star is very good about choosing silhouettes that flatter her figure.

“Mindy will find a great coat she likes, but to make it flatter her it should be more tailored. So we’ll take coats that are like a cocoon coat and we tailor them, and then they’re just more flattering on,” he shared.

He added that they love to be try new things on the carpet and on the show.

“We’re very experimental,” he shared. “We’ve tried to keep it different; like what silhouette haven’t we done, what color haven’t we done. So we’re having a lot of fun with it. And her instinct is usually right. The Oscar dress, we called that neckline ‘The Mindy’ because it’s so flattering on her; nobody can pull it off the way she does. But you put it on her and it’s just so sexy because it’s daring, but it’s not overt. We love that cut on her. We’ve done versions of it — and we’ve done another version of that dress for the opening episode of the show.”

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–Brittany Talarico, reporting by Alex Apatoff

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