Mindy Kaling Shares How Motherhood Has Shaped Her Self-care Rituals as She Launches New Bodycare Collection

The multi-hyphenate star and mom of two is has partnered with beauty brand Find Your Happy Place on two limited-edition collections this summer

Mindy Kaling x Find Your Happy Place (1)
Photo: Courtesy Find Your Happy Place

Mindy Kaling is dipping her toes into the beauty industry!

The Never Have I Ever executive producer has collaborated with beauty brand Find Your Happy Place on a limited-edition bodycare collection.

"I just love that it's built on a purpose to help everyone find a happy place amidst how stressful their life is every day," Kaling, 42, says of the sensorial bath and body brand.

The Mindy Kaling x Find Your Happy Place collection includes two new scents inspired by Kaling's "happy places" – Just Wanna Have Sun (a tropical aroma reminiscent of "beach trips and pool dips" according to the press release) and Festivals and Fireworks (a fruity and lily fragrance evoking fun summer nights) – that come in the form of a shower gel, bath bomb, whipped scrub, hand wash, fragrance mist and candle.

The collection ranges from $4-$10 and is available at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com.

"I'm not always the most carefree person, but I love that the new summer fragrances exude a carefree or celebratory spirit," she tells PEOPLE on the line.

Mindy Kaling x Find Your Happy Place
Courtesy Find Your Happy Place

The actress admits it's a challenge to carve out a little me-time any time of year in between directing, producing, writing and raising two children.

"I have such a busy professional life and now that I have kids, I always feel strapped for time [including] time for self-care," Kaling, 42, tells PEOPLE of her busy day-to-day life.

But at the moment, her summer oasis is her Malibu home, where she enjoys spending time with her family. "That's my happy place – with my kids on the beach, especially as it gets warmer," she shares.

While the collaboration mirrors Kaling's nostalgic memories ("I love summer and the products are all about celebrating [it]," she says), the products are also a reflection of her current self-care rituals, which she says have changed since becoming a mom of two.

"Before I had kids, I obviously had way more free time and more disposable income," she says. "So I would go on a trip with girlfriends for two nights or go to some trendy place in Palm Springs where you juice for three days. And I don't do that anymore."

Now, when it comes to scheduling time for herself, the Why Not Me? author tells PEOPLE that she enjoys the simple pleasures.

"I love at the end of a long day to just take a bubble bath. I want to luxuriate," she says. "So I'll do that [with] Find Your Happy Place bath shower gels or a fizzy bath bomb – they're so cute."

Mindy Kaling x Find Your Happy Place
Courtesy Find Your Happy Place

Kaling's foray into the beauty world seems only natural for the star, who's had an affinity for all things makeup, skincare and hair since "[she] was a little kid".

"I love [it] so much and I love learning from makeup artists and hairstylists. To me that's the most fun part is them telling me about the new trends," she says of her glam sessions. "I think it's a really great way to be social."

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One golden rule that's stuck with Kaling is taking off her makeup at the end of the day.

"Back in my days in The Office or when I was in my twenties, really making sure to take off every little, tiny ounce of my makeup... was something that I had to come to embrace in order to have really clear skin," she tells PEOPLE.

And with a bodycare collection under her belt now, Kaling finds it exciting that she has her own space in the industry. "For me to be able to talk about [it] like, 'I'm doing something too with Find Your Happy Place, check it out', that's kind of fun for us."

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling/Instagram

Alongside a quiet night in, The Office star enjoys experimenting with her style and posting her fun ensembles to Instagram.

"I've really embraced my role as a producer on so many of my shows. So I've been really loving a blazer and pants," she said. "For me, it's been fun to embrace this new power mom styling and wearing heels with a brightly colored pant and a crisp blouse," she added, referring to her current outfit rotation, which allows her to channel her inner "powerful and colorful corporate attorney".

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling/Instagram

Although she's played and created many fictional personas throughout her career, Kaling finds balance by staying true to herself.

"There's this Maya Angelou quote that's like, 'Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better'. So to me, that's what I've just been doing," she says.

"I'm a single mom, so I try to do the best I can with raising my kids [and] giving them good advice. And then when I learn better, I change the way that I am," she tells PEOPLE on how she wants to raise her children. "For me to learn that I can be wrong or become a better mom or a better boss or a better worker, that to me has been really helpful to be able to evolve."

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