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June 27, 2017 09:25 AM

To play the role of Jack Pearson, Milo Ventimiglia has had to put himself on a serious facial hair regimen. Most men are allowed to let their scruff come and go as they see fit, growing it out in honor of Movember or through sheer laziness and then shaving it off whenever and wherever the mood strikes them. But as an actor that has now become synonymous with his mustache, Milo doesn’t quite have that luxury. In fact, his facial hair is so crucial it actually serves to mark the passage of time on the hit TV show This Is Us. So naturally, with shooting for season 2 just around the corner, the show’s star is not playing around when it comes to his grooming routine, as he made abundantly clear in a new interview with GQ.

First things first, there’s no magic trick or pill that will get you the bushy beard of your dreams. Ventimiglia says, “It’s just patience. I think hair grows, um, a millimeter every month, or half-inch every six months, or a quarter kilometer every year. I’m really not sure, I think the best thing to do is wash your face and use lotion and just pray that it grows in right.”

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Which also means, unfortunately, if you weren’t naturally born with a thick, lustrous, full beard, you’re just fresh out of luck. “There is nothing wrong with being clean-shaven,” the actor explains. “If you’re a little patchy, and you’ve got your fingers crossed for that nice thick heavy Wisconsin butcher beard, just be OK with looking more like a Wall Street, slick, well-dressed, well-shaven man. Nothing wrong with that.”

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And when it comes to his own facial hair regimen Milo is equally a purist, adding that he’s a “soap and lotion” kind of guy, looking up to other famously whiskered gentlemen like, “Tom Selleck, Don Mattingly, Kevin Costner,” for his own follicular inspiration. But while he says he’s, “happy to be in the ranks of mustachioed men,” that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily rooting for a comeback of the 70s style à la Jimmy Fallon. Concluding, “I got paid to wear one…So I wore the mustache. But usually when I’m not working I just let my beard grow in and let my hair grow out. And see what job is next.”

Do you like Milo better with a mustache, a beard, or no facial hair at all? Sound off below!

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