Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore Are Having as Hard of a Time Getting Used to His Mustache-Free Face as You Are

Plus, find out what Mandy Moore thought about his recent 'stache shave

Whether you know him as Jack Pearson on This is Us, Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls or Wolverine, one thing is for sure: you love Milo Ventimiglia. Which also means that through the years, you’ve stuck with him through his many scruff iterations, from a full beard to a ’70s ‘stache. But now, the star has returned to his bare face yet again — and we’re paying tribute to all of his looks in the video above.

For months, the 39-year-old actor has kept us guessing on the facial hair front, switching from a beard to a goatee to – of course – his iconic This Is Us mustache. And just when we were getting used to that look, he shocked us all by appearing clean-shaven. Even his onscreen wife, Mandy Moore, was floored: “We have like a gigantic cast text chain, and we’re like, Who is that young man?!” Moore told PeopleStyle at the Alice + Olivia show. “My first reaction was, like, I don’t know that person! That is not my husband, that is not the person I fell in love with! I mean it’s Milo and he’s gorgeous and he can pull off anything, but I like a man rocking a little facial hair myself – [that’s] my preference.”

Ken Olin/Twitter

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And she’s not alone. Ventimiglia tells ET that he was nearly unrecognizable to everyone at work.

“The funny thing is, they got so used to the mustache that now I walk around with no mustache and they don’t recognize me anymore,” he said about his This Is Us co-stars. “So I got a couple days of anonymity, which is nice.”

We don’t know that we can pick a side – regardless of his relationship with the razor at any given moment, he’s got our hearts.

What do you think of his new look? Do you like him with or without facial hair? Sound off below.

-Reporting by Sarah Ball

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