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June 08, 2017 10:21 AM

Millie Bobby Brown is quite possibly the busiest 13-year-old in the world. After all, she’s not just one of the stars of a smash hit Netflix show, she also has to give interviews on the talk show circuit in promotion of said show, walk the red carpet at one award ceremony after the next, audition for and film all new movies, and actually go to school in her increasingly scarce free time. So understandably, the pre-teen tends to be a little late when it comes to learning about viral Internet trends and memes. Case in point, she just learned about that nefarious blue and black (or was it white and gold?) dress in April. And apparently, she also just learned about a particular pair of pants that set the web ablaze back in March, wearing them in her latest Instagram post.

When Topshop first debuted this new mom jean style, which instead of the usual ripped or distressed knees that have become all the rage as of late, feature two clear plastic perfectly rectangular windowpanes, the masses were immediately skeptical. While these trousers perfectly flaunt that area of your leg from just below your meniscus to your mid-to-lower thigh, the reaction from the Internet to these $95 pants was mixed to say the least. Most people reacted with utter bafflement, questioning what possible situation these jeans could be appropriate for, while others were just straight up repulsed by the look altogether. But as with any sartorial trend, there are always that small contingent that think this is the greatest style they’ve ever seen, and clearly Millie found herself amongst that faction.

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Courtesy Nordstrom

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In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared a photo of her with her fellow famous tween and BFF Maddie Ziegler giving each other a hug while smiling into the camera, writing “Hey girlie, missed ya.” But while these famous children’s friendship is adorable and all, what’s truly of note is what Millie is wearing. Her blouse and printed slides are cute enough, but she paired them with those infamous pants. Surprisingly, however, a good portion of her fans were actually here for the look with many claiming this is a style only the Stranger Things star could successfully pull off. While of course Brown seems to have mastered the art of looking cute no matter what, we have to wonder how quickly those plastic panels fog up once she starts walking around the sweaty streets of Hollywood.

What do you think of Millie’s jeans? Would you wear them? Sound off below!

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