The star continues to push the envelope whenever possible


Kevin Mazur/WireImage(2); Stephen Brashears/Invisi

When Miley Cyrus kicked off her Bangerz tour, she was sure to give the audience plenty to talk about — not just with her out-there performances, but also by way of her many bold costume changes

The creative minds behind some of those too-high-cut-to-be-comfortable leotards Cyrus wears? The design duo The Blonds (known for their outrageous NYFW show and costumes for stars like Beyoncé and Ke$sha). And one half of the pair, David Blond, told PEOPLE he and partner Phillipe Blonde had a blast working with the 21-year-old singer and her stylist Simone Harouche.

“She really knows what she likes and what she wants,” says Blond. “We had a lot of freedom but the process was really collaborative and we always appreciate when the performer puts in their two cents.”

Her main requests? “Miley likes to show off her legs and body so everything was really high cut, low cut or both,” he says with a laugh.

The Blonds created three of the looks we’ve seen so far on Cyrus’s tour stops in Vancouver and Tacoma, Washington. But possibly the most talked-about was the glittery marijuana bodysuit she wore for her performance of “Love, Money, Party.” “We digitally printed marijuana leaves onto fabric and embellished them to give the bodysuit a three-dimensional effect,” Blond says. “Since we know how much she enjoys the Mary Jane.”

The design duo also created Cyrus’s Jessica Rabbit ensemble and the T-shirt dress that portrays the pop star in her favorite pose: eyes closed, tongue out. “All three of us are fans of Jessica Rabbit so we did a modernized version of that for her,” says Blond who designed it with her songs “Adore You” and “F U” in mind. “We took the idea of a heart for the base body suit, stretched it out for an animated appeal and added a rip away skirt so she could transition on stage.”

As for the T-shirt dress, the designers used a portrait by photographer Terry Richardson, then “crystalized her eyelashes, lips, and earrings to create great little sparkly details,” says Blond. “It looks like her head is on top of her legs.”

But we haven’t seen all of their work take the stage just yet. “There’s still so much more to come,” Blond says — not that he’ll dish on what that may be. “The greatest thing about this is Miley wants to continually surprise the audience.”

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–Ana Calderone