"That's just kind of a natural shape that our hair grows in," Miley Cyrus joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Miley Cyrus on Her Mullet
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Miley Cyrus is crediting her mother, and her many years of family hair cutting, for her new mullet look.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, Cyrus — who recently dropped her new album Plastic Hearts — revealed that not being able to go to her hair salon due to the pandemic left her turning to her mom, Tish Cyrus.

"All of us have had to adjust, a lot of things shutting down, keeping us from doing our kind of standard routines, which one of them was going to get a haircut for me," Miley told host Jimmy Kimmel. 

"So my mom offered, you know my bangs, I already had bangs and they were getting long," she explained. "And [my mom] said, ‘Well I can cut your hair, but I only know how to do one hairstyle, and I’ve been doing this since 1992 for your dad and for your brothers.’ And all my mom can do is a mullet so I had one option and needed it."

The former Disney Channel star, 28, then joked that her family seems to be "genetically" predisposed to rock a mullet.

"It just kinda grows naturally shorter up top and longer in the back, that’s just kind of a natural shape that our hair grows in," Miley said. (Back in May, PEOPLE spoke to Miley's hairstylist, Sally Hershberger, who revealed that she was FaceTimed into the styling session to help the star and her mom while cutting the mullet.)

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
| Credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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Miley — who recently posed topless for the latest Rolling Stone cover — also talked about appearing on the late-night show in 2015 when she wore just heart-shaped nipple pasties. This time, wearing a black sweater for the Monday occasion, the star joked, "Bought my first sweater so I thought I’d wear it to show you how much I’ve grown."

The singer went on to recall that as a child she always enjoyed being in the nude.

"My parents used to buy me sweaters and when I was a kid I used to strip down naked in public places and they thought I would outgrow it, obviously I didn’t," Miley said.

Later on the show, Kimmel brought on a Miley mega-fan for a fun trivia game of "Who Knows Miley?"  Miley and the fan played against each other, answering questions about the star to see who knew more about her. For one of the game questions, Kimmel asked the players about the total number of tattoos Miley has.

"I have no idea," Miley admitted.

"How do we know this and you don’t?" Kimmel replied, to which Miley said, "Because you are probably much more coherent when I am getting these tattoos."

Kimmel then revealed that the "Prisoner" singer has 74 tattoos — an amount that even appeared to shock the artist.

But to Miley's credit, 74 tattoos is a lot to remember.