The star crusades for the #freethenipple movement on Instagram

Aside from hanging out with boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger and his dad Arnold over the holidays, Miley Cyrus has also been very busy supporting an agenda close to her chest (pun intended): the Free the Nipple movement.

Miley Cyrus Free the Nipple

Courtesy Miley Cyrus

The star (whose affinity for wearing pasties exceeds most) has been frequently posting photos to encourage others to join the #freethenipple crusade, which is a mission to empower women and promote female equality by urging officials to allow nudity on social media channels. As of now, Instagram and other social media channels block all nakedness, which Cyrus has tried very hard to stop. She recently posted a completely topless photo baring all, which the network promptly took down.

But that hasn’t hindered the 22-year-old singer from posting a string of other photos to support the cause, most which are Photoshopped snaps of her child-self superimposed on a grown women’s bodies. See some of her posts below:

Do you agree with the #freethenipple movement? What do you think of Cyrus’s propaganda on Instagram? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico