Miley Cyrus Poses as a Nude Fairy for David LaChapelle's New Book

The singer transformed into a ethereal, barely-clothed, technicolor pixie for the photographer

In 2015, Miley Cyrus was the enfant terrible of pop culture, showing up barely clothed on the red carpet, smoking pot, and twerking on anything and everything in sight. But over the course of 2017, the singer has undergone a pretty radical reinvention, debuting a much softer, gentler side of herself, ditching her prosthetic breasts and phalluses for jean shorts, soft knits and the shores of Malibu. But just because she’s now presenting herself as a tried and true SoCal girl doesn’t mean she’s not still a wild flower child at heart, as she proved on the cover for David LaChapelle‘s new book.

The famed photographer recently released the cover for his latest, forthcoming book of photography, Lost + Found, which features a nearly nude shot of Miley costumed as a fairy alongside a toilet and sink in what appears to be a prison cell entwined with flowering branches. In the soft focus image the pop star wears a huge pair of technicolor butterfly wings and while she at first appears to be nude she’s actually wearing a sheer bodysuit embellished with very purposefully placed pink Swarovski crystals.

David LaChapelle/Taschen

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The new monograph published by Taschen is LaChapelle’s first release in ten years and will follow the photographer’s career trajectory beginning in New York in the ’80s and going on to photograph some of the biggest names in pop culture and nightlife with his signature darkly surreal aesthetic. The book will also include 150 previously unreleased photos of stars like David Bowie, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Jackson. But whether posing nude as a pixie or singing about the beach while wearing a turtleneck and bikini bottoms, it seems abundantly clear that she’s just bein’ Miley.

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