Miley Cyrus finds all new ways to be provocative and make headlines with her two new covers and spread for Plastik magazine.

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 17, 2015 07:05 PM

It’s hard to imagine that this could be possible, but Miley Cyrus has managed to one-up herself in terms of pure, unadulterated weirdness yet again. When you’re a pop star who has bared all both in print and on live TV, one would think there wouldn’t be a whole lot left in your shock and awe arsenal, and yet her latest cover for
magazine manages to do both effortlessly.

Courtesy Plastik Magazine

The first cover (below), shot by Vijat Mahindra at the WOMB gallery in Oklahoma, shows Miley just being Miley (so, swaddled in and sucking on plastic wrap with her eyes rolled back in her head). You know, essentially the exact picture she posts every other day on her Instagram account. The second cover (above), however, features what is perhaps the raciest ice cream sundae ever created. The singer wears a strawberry and chocolate swirled eyepatch, complete with heart-shaped sprinkle pasties to match. And, of course, no sundae would be complete without a cherry on top.

Courtesy Plastik Magazine

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But if you think the covers are scandalous, just wait until you feast your eyes on the acid trip of an editorial inside. In a photo
shared exclusively with People, Miley poses as one of the prizes in an arcade claw game completely nude save for some baby pink flower sunglasses and a rainbow-hued fishnet bodysuit. Anyone remotely familiar with the singer’s favorite co-conspirators will immediately recognize Wayne Coyne’s mop of curly grey hair and Katy Weaver’s totally nude backside. At this point, her antics have come around from outrage and scandal to “Oh, she’s just being Miley” — we’d almost be more shocked if she wore jeans and a T-shirt.

Courtesy Plastik Magazine

What do you think of Miley’s two new covers? Are you shocked or not surprised? What outlandish look do you think the pop star will try out next?

–Emily Kirkpatrick