Milania Giudice on Her Beauty YouTube Channel: 'I Always Wanted to Be an Actress'

We interviewed the 10-year-old daughter of Teresa Giudice about her beauty YouTube

Photo: YouTube

If Milania Giudice is your favorite cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we hope you’re sitting down for this news. The wildly entertaining 10-year-old daughter of Teresa Giudice has a YouTube channel, and with just one click, you, too, can learn how to get her beauty routine. We spoke to Milania and her mom to find out the details behind her channel, and what we can hope to see next.

“My friend and I always wanted to be actresses and stuff, and we always wanted to do fun things on YouTube, cause we would always watch videos, so we put a video together and we edited it. It was really cool,” Milania tells PeopleStyle of what inspired her to begin filming, adding that her favorite videos to watch are “a lot of prank videos and videos with Play-Doh.”

The star explains that her channel, which ranges from clips of her jumping on trampolines with her friends to beauty tutorials, is a work in progress. And as far as her makeup skills are concerned, she learned from the best. “She uses my makeup,” Teresa tells us, while Milania insists that she taught herself how to apply her favorite products like mascara and concealer. “I just do it to have fun and to play with my friends,” she says.

In our favorite video of the bunch, appropriately titled “MAKEUP!! By Milania Giudice,” Milania announces, “I’ll be showing you guys how to do makeup. I’m sure most of you guys know how, but I just feel like doing it.” Then, before dousing her face in everything from powder to mascara, she takes out a tube of concealer (or bronzer, as she calls it) and applies it all over because “I’m a kid! What am I supposed to do?”

Then there’s “Wig Video!! By Milania Giudice”, in which she and a friend try on a variety of bright-colored wigs and pose for the camera. “We only wore them once to my house because we wanted to trick my dad [Joe Giudice],” Milania tells us. “He was like, ‘Oh my God!’”

So what’s to come for the aspiring YouTube star? While there may be more hair and makeup videos in her future, Teresa explains, “She really wants to get into all of this, I just figure it’ll be when she gets older, but maybe that’s her start.”

What do you hope to see next from Milania? Tell us below!

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