The former reality star already has a nickname for his facial hair

By Hanna Flanagan
September 11, 2020 02:27 PM
Mike sorrentino/Instagram; PageSix/ Youtube

On Wednesday, the former Jersey Shore reality star, 38, debuted what he has dubbed the "stacher" during a Zoom interview with Page Six Style. 

“Every single week I grow a little bit of a ‘stacher, I call it, and my wife [Lauren Sorrentino], she kind of makes me clean it up,” he said of his scruffy top lip. Lauren, who joined her husband for the interview, couldn't help but smile.

"Yesterday, she’s like, ‘You know what, honey? It kind of looks good. Maybe you just keep it for like a day or two,'" he continued. "So for the honor of the celebration, I brought out the ‘stache."

Mike also weighed in on his former co-stars' facial hair, calling "Pauly D" DelVecchio, Vinny Guadagnino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro "the beard gang."

"I don’t know if I’m trying to fit in, but I’m kind of just trying to see what the ‘stacher looks like with BDS,” Mike quipped, referring to his nickname “Big Daddy Sitch.”

When asked about her husband's new look, Lauren sweetly replied, "I’m a fan of anything that makes him happy," adding, "I love changing it up here and there, so he used to do ‘Stache Sunday, but now it’s sticking for a little bit.”

Earlier this year, Pauly D showed off his dramatically different look in a selfie posted on Twitter with the caption, "Quarantine Beard........."

In the photo, the usually clean-shaven reality star is rocking a mustache, a full beard and his signature generously-gelled spiky hair, of course!

"Looking good," one person replied, adding a smiley face emoji. While a second fan tweeted, "LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! #KeepIt"

Celebrities including Joe Manganiello, Armie Hammer and Mark Consuelos also experimented with new facial hair styles during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, Consuelos introduced the world to the newest member of the Ripa-Consuelos family — his mustache — while helping wife, Kelly Ripa, co-host an episode of Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Rich Fury/VF20/Getty; Live with Kelly and Ryan

“You know my dad had a mustache," Consuelos said, "And he still does. Growing up, I think he shaved it once and my mom made him grow it back,” the actor shared. “Because he had a lot of space between his nose and his top lip.”

His wife said that she doesn't mind the quarantine 'stache: “I can take it or leave it, I like it both ways.”

His kids, however, are a tougher sell ... “They say I look like an aging porn star," Consuelos told viewers.