She's not so sure about her early style choices - but that's okay

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated December 19, 2019 09:21 AM
Michelle Williams
Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty

Michelle Williams has been a major style influence on women since her Dawson’s Creek days. But the 36-year-old says she wasn’t always as sure about her choices as the rest of us were — though she tries not to be too hard on herself when she looks back on those days.

“I found this picture recently, and it’s of some school dance or something that I went to, and I… look… so… bad,” the Manchester by the Sea actress told PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival. “But I put it in my wallet, and I carry it around with me because I have so much sympathy for that girl and that’s probably what I looked like at maybe, you know the first red carpet that I went to: just really, really out of my depths.”

But regardless of her approval of her outfits back then, she enjoys looking back at them — and seeing how much she’s evolved.

“I like feeling like I’ve grown up,” she shares. “I like having acceptance for both ways of being, but wow, those early red carpets were… I sort of look like, um, you know when you see a deer on the highway or something, and it’s just sort of like poked out of the forest, and it’s like, ‘What? Where am i? What’s going on? This doesn’t look… I’m not supposed to be here!”

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