Bare-Faced BFFs! Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Enjoy a Makeup-Free Girls' Day Out

The two chronicled their bare-faced outing on Instagram

Source: Busy Philipps/Instagram

Friends who spend a barefaced day together, stay together — at least as far as Michelle Willams and Busy Philipps are concerned. The two inseparable stars, who have been BFFs since their Dawson’s Creek days and are each other’s perpetual red carpet plus-ones, spent the day gallivanting around L.A. on Thursday. And throughout their day of selfies, one detail remained the same: neither actress was sporting a single stitch of makeup.

“No makeup no filters! That’s how we roll,” Philipps captioned the final photo in their series of Instagram shots, in which the sun is shining on their totally bare, totally happy faces. Throughout the day, the two visited a museum, went shopping and shared wine at dinner. (She credited the light and wine for their glowing skin in that particular shot.)

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Philipps then continued her caption to express her love for Williams.

“I’m sad we don’t get to live in the same place but yesterday was a perfect day together and just what I needed for my soul and that’s what best friends are for, right? To show up when you need them most and remind you of who you are and why you are and that no matter what, it’s all ok cause you will always have each other,” she wrote.

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