The Good Morning America host collaborated with the gym on a new line of workout-ready pieces

By Megan Uy
March 21, 2019 10:29 AM
Credit: Blink Fitness

You’ve seen him perform in NFL football jerseys, you’ve seen him rock a suit on Good Morning America and for the last few years, Michael Strahan has successfully merged his sporty and sleek fashion sense into his very own athletic apparel line, MSX by Michael Strahan. And this month he’s expanding his fashion game in a major way.

The former Giants defensive end first launched MSX by Michael Strahan with JCPenney in 2016 and has been growing its reach ever since. His first capsule collection was with Blink Fitness gyms last year and after the success run of the 10-piece line, he teamed back up with Blink for an even bigger launch this month.

“We started off with a smaller capsule with Blink last year and it sold out like hotcakes. So we decided to be a bigger partner and now we’re at over 80 Blink locations around the country,” Strahan told PEOPLE. “We both believe in the same thing — making sure that our customers are having the best clothing they can have, at the best value they can have and the best quality they can have.”

Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

And the exclusively-designed pieces will coincide with a great moment for the gym. Blink Fitness just launched a new campaign called “Every Body Is Different” which perfectly connects with the size-inclusive message that Strahan strives for in his designs.

“The motto for my company is, ‘Raise Your Game. So Blink’s message that ‘Every Body Is Different’ and ‘Raise Your Game’ kind of go together in the sense that everybody is different but everybody is included. I think that’s the important message,” Strahan said. “You want everybody included to make it to Blink and they are there also to raise their game.”

Strahan may be a Pro Football Hall of Famer, but even he understands how intimidating and uncomfortable a gym could feel for some people. “The gym is very intimidating especially if you’re just starting out. But I want people to go to the gym and feel like they belong. And sometimes when you first go there, you have to buy a nice outfit. It makes you feel better. When you walk in and you feel good, you look good, you’ll perform better I guarantee.”

He also prioritizes fit and affordability when it comes to the design process. “I’m not the average body type. I wanted something that fit me the right way where I don’t have to compromise on length of pants,” he said about the size range of products.

Credit: Blink Fitness

He explained that he wanted his clothing to have all the function and technology that high-end fitness products have, but with a reasonable price tag.

“Everyone doesn’t have $100-$200 to spend on a jacket or a pair of pants or $50 for a pair of shorts. That’s not realistic in the real world,” he said. “For me, it was very important to create something that had all the technology you see everywhere else — but do it at a price that people could afford. That was important to me to give people value for the quality.”

His pieces which are made with anti-chafe seams, auto-lock zippers, UV protection and Quick-Dri Stretch technology are now exclusively available at all Blink locations across the country ranging from $20-$35.