The newlyweds talk about their two intimate wedding ceremonies

It isn’t just Michael Phelpshuge collection of gold medals and record-breaking Olympic performances that have won America’s heart. It’s also his picture perfect family consisting of former Miss California, Nicole Phelps née Johnson, and their adorable son Boomer. While the pair tied the knot officially for the second time at the end of October, originally wedding back in June with only five people in attendance, it’s taken until now for all of the details of the intimate affair to finally come out. In a new video, the couple shares an inside look of their magical day with Brides magazine.

The couple both decided to make their relationship official in the eye of the law prior to traveling for the Olympics, fearing unneeded difficulties due to their different names. Nicole told the magazine, “I kept hearing stories about different last names and children traveling, so we felt it was best to change my last name. Boomer’s last name is Phelps legally, and we felt like it would make it easier. And I actually wound up running into issues in Canada anyway!” She adds, “but no one outside of our families knew [about the wedding].”

She adds that taking this big next step just seemed like a logical evolution for their relationship given that, “There’s nobody else that gets me the way that Michael does. We live a healthy, competitive life daily. Every morning when we wake up, whoever says, ‘I love you more’ first wins for the day — and we’ve been doing this for a couple of years now.” Michael rejoined, “I think we’re both pretty stubborn people at times, [but] we work really well together. We’re joking around constantly. We’ve always seen it as ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.’ I guess it’s meant to be.”

Michael says, however, there is one major thing he would have changed about his fairy tale wedding, “I would have had a beard instead of five o clock shadow,” he says. “I’m really lazy about shaving – I haven’t shaved in about five or six weeks. It wasn’t always good for me having a beard since I need to swim as fast as I can. So I don’t have to shave now.”

But when it came time for the big moment as Nicole walked down the aisle, the Olympian said all he could think was, “’Wow, now this is really happening.’ I made the joke to a friend of mine, ‘Well, there’s no turning back now,’ and he was like ‘Nope, you’re stuck, bro!’ [But there was] also a little bit of tears of happiness as well—[that after] everything we’ve been through, we’re finally at that point where we can make promises to each other.” In fact, after that initial realization, Phelps says, “I don’t think I was nervous at all. I was probably the most relaxed person in the room during this whole thing!”

Even though this was Michael and Nicole’s big day, everyone obviously only had eyes for that adorable ring bearer, their son Boomer. Nicole told the magazine, “We put [the ring] in one of those little net bags that you have for fine jewelry. We got one that matches his [Burberry] outfit, and we put that around his wrist, and he was carried down the aisle by [friend and gold medal swimmer] Allison [Schmitt], our roommate. I think he kind of sucked on the bag a little bit while he was standing up there!” Now our only question is whether or not Boomer is also available for birthday party appearances?

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