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Sarah Kinonen
August 25, 2016 09:00 AM

There’s a reason Michael Bublé has millions of fans. Thanks to his smooth-like-honey voice and romantic ballads, the crooner is often compared to music legends like Frank Sinatra. And now, Bublé is adding yet another reason for fans to fall deeper in love: He’s entering the fragrance world with his first-ever scent — for women!

“I hope it’s romantic,” Bublé tells PeopleStyle of his debut fragrance, By Invitation. “To be honest with you, the world is a scary place right now. My job as an entertainer is to take people away and allow them a moment of fantasy and a moment where they can escape. I think having music or movies or even fragrance is a way to allow people to take a little break. I love that, that I get to be a small part of happy moments in a world that is becoming increasingly more complicated.”

The women’s scent is romantic at its core with a floral heart made of lily of the valley, rose peony and wild jasmine, but is also layered with zesty citrus notes, such as lemon and bergamot, completed by notes of warm, creamy vanilla and sandalwood.

“I was calling it ‘love in a bottle,’ and I really think that [it is],” he says. “I hope that when a woman wears it she does feel sexy, and I hope that the man or the woman in her life enjoys it as much as I enjoy it when I smell it on my wife.”

Courtesy Michael Bublé By Invitation
Courtesy Michael Bublé By Invitation

That sexiness played into the development of the perfume, as Bublé put the scent through rigorous testing, including enlisting the help of his wife, Argentine actress and model Luisana Lopilato, to wear and weigh in on the final versions, which, lucky for him, she immediately approved of.

“Finally, after perfecting the fragrance and testing it with thousands of people, I came home and I brought the first test bottle that I had chosen for my wife and my mother, who are my toughest critics,” he says. “And they put it on and they were both over the moon, truly. They both loved it. When I asked my wife to describe how she thought it smelled, she said ‘sexy.’ I think she has a really great sense of personal style and I trust her implicitly, so when she thought it was sexy and she loved it, that was enough for me.”

Drawing inspiration from his highly successful music career, Bublé says he also kept his millions of fans in mind when creating By Invitation.

“I didn’t want [the scent] to be one dimension and feel like it was a fragrance that was too youthful, nor did I want a fragrance that was too old,” he tells PeopleStyle. “I wanted something that could be as merciful as my audience is, and that is the truth.”

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Which is also one of the major reasons, along with his love for unisex scents, the crooner decided his debut fragrance would solely be for women.

“I didn’t want to have both a men’s and women’s scent first — I wanted to make sure I could have success with fragrance for women,” he says. “I want to be able to truly concentrate on one thing at a time and make sure that I can bring something up that I thought was the best that it could be. We wanted to make sure that we got this right, that we completely nailed it and that people would be over the moon when they got it.”

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So does that mean a men’s fragrance is on the horizon for Bublé? “We will see where the path continues on,” he quickly replied.

For a little piece of Bublé’s romantic touch, nab your own 3.4 fl. oz. “love in a bottle” for $72 at!

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