In Honor of Met Gala Monday: The Looks We'll Never Forget

The 2020 Met Gala might be canceled, but we're still celebrating fashion's biggest night by breaking down the most memorable moments from past years

The PEOPLE Style team has turned covering the Met Gala into an Olympic sport. We have red carpet correspondents competing in a fierce game of reporter gymnastics as they try to wrangle celebrities to stop for interviews. We have staffers in the office ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We sustain ourselves on sugar, caffeine and the glimmer of hope that Beyoncé might make a cameo. It's our Super Bowl - and this year, we're really going to miss it.

As a result of the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Met Gala has been postponed indefinitely. The Costume Institute's 2020 exhibition, “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” is tentatively slated to launch in late October and will run until early February 2021.

We were looking forward to seeing how celebrities and designers were going to interpret the theme of "time." Would Billy Porter come dressed as an actual clock? Would Blake Lively turn back time and come wearing her wedding gown? Or would everyone dress as Cher in the famous "If I Could Turn Back Time" music video? Unfortunately, we'll likely never know, but we’re still celebrating fashion's biggest night by reflecting on some of the extraordinary couture creations to hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's famous steps, including our favorite moments of all time (which you can hear all about in the clip above).

kim k in 2019, cardi b in 2019 and sienna miller in 2013
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"She was literally the thirstiest person at the Met Gala." -Senior Style Editor, Brittany Talarico on Kim Kardashian West's Thierry Mugler head-turner in 2019

"This is a woman who shoots music videos naked and shows up to the Met Gala fully clothed and still makes headlines." -Senior Style and Beauty Editor Jackie Fields on Cardi B's Thom Browne look of 2019

“And yes, if I ever do have an actual wedding, that is what I'm going to wear. Mark my word." -Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal on Sienna Miller's punk Burberry moment in 2013

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We also had a lot of thoughts on the many Met Gala style moves pulled out by Sarah Jessica Parker, our MVP of the annual ball. Listen to them in the clip below:

Missing the Met with us? Pour yourself a glass of wine tonight, and relive some of our favorite "fashion prom" memories of all time by clicking the links below.

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