RuPaul's appearance at fashion's biggest night was right on point with this year's theme

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 06, 2019 08:50 PM

Now that RuPaul has arrived on the Met Gala red carpet, all the others can sashay, away.

The 58-year-old icon (born RuPaul Andre Charles) wore an absolutely sickening ensemble for his first Met Gala appearance on Monday.

“The custom hot pink, liquid sequin appliqued with zebra stripes in black sequin, neon orange, neon blue and white vinyl is already camp! But the 30” ostrich fringe running up a sleeve and meeting the zebra head on the shoulder takes it over the top,” RuPaul’s stylist Zaldy tells PEOPLE.

The theme for the 2019 Met Gala is centered around all things campy, which means we can expect a wide array of exaggerated and theatrical outfit choices. Its official title is “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” is a reference to writer Susan Sontag’s famous 1964 essay Notes on Camp.

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Neilson Barnard/Getty

RuPaul’s appearance at fashion’s biggest night was right on point with this year’s theme as camp has infiltrated TV culture, particularly with the huge popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Over-the-top fashions and gaudy accessories are on brand with the fabulousness of the series’ contestants and themed runway categories, especially with representing pop culture through film, TV and music.

Anna Wintour appropriately chose camp icon Lady Gaga, former One Direction frontman Harry Styles, perhaps because of his Gucci campaign, and Serena Williams, who recently broke boundaries with her fashion choices at restrictive tennis tournaments, as co-chairs for this year.

The exhibit will have about 175 pieces from men’s and women’s wear, to sculpture, paintings and drawings. Presented designers will include Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and Moschino.