May 07, 2013 06:57 PM

Had enough of all the gowns yet? Then it’s time to talk details, starting with the punked-out nailpolish we saw on some of our favorite stars.

Ramey; Inset: Landov

Blake Lively: To accent her vine-embroidered Gucci Première gown, celebrity manicurist Elle put together a complicated mix of Red Carpet Manicure’s “Always Slate Never Early,” “Fake Bake” and “Black Stretch Limo,” then added rhinestones and glitter to create a vine effect that also seemed to pay homage to the night’s “Punk” theme, looking like hardcore chipped black polish from a distance.

Retna; Inset: WireImage

Nicole Richie: You thought Richie’s hair was the only noteworthy thing about her outfit for the night? Her pointed crimson talons with gold accents perfectly contrasted against her custom Topshop gown (and competed for best bling with all her gorgeous rings).

WireImage; Inset: Getty

Anne Hathaway: Just when we thought we couldn’t love Hathaway’s Met Gala look any more, we got a good look at her killer claws. In neon ombré with little leopard spots, they contrast perfectly with her tiger-strip dress, giving new meaning to the word “fierce.”

Courtesy Katy Perry;
Inset: Splash News Online

Katy Perry: Perry’s intricately bejeweled nails warrant an up-close look. The look was rich and regal — the perfect accent on a night in which the star actually wore a gold-and-ruby crown.

Splash News Online; Inset: AP

Julianne Hough: Once you get past that intense Jacob & Co. spider ring, you might notice that Hough’s nails are totally lustworthy. Nearly every nail is lacquered in dark charcoal, and then she tops it off with one very punk party nail, covered in caviar beads.

Everett; Inset: Rex USA

Sienna Miller: Is there such a thing as too many studs? Not if you’re Sienna Miller, who accented her amazing Burberry leather jacket with a spiked headpiece and teensy studs on every nail.

Tell us: Whose beauty look was your favorite?

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–Alex Apatoff

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