Guys seem to be growing out their scruff while they're staying home during the pandemic
woman shaving
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Men's and women's grooming rituals seem to have shifted amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As people started working from home, men, it appears, have been more lax in their usual shaving routine.

According to a recent Proctor & Gamble investor call (the conglomerate which owns the shaving supply brand, Gillette) sales of men’s blades and razors are down “due to pandemic-related consumption decline,” New York Magazine reported.

But while guys are embracing a pared-down grooming routine, women appear to be doing the opposite. According to Proctor & Gamble, sales for women's razors and blades continue to rise. Perhaps, because fewer people are getting laser hair removal treatments or body waxing during the pandemic.

We've seen plenty of male stars growing out their facial hair throughout the pandemic, including Mark Consuelos, Jim Carrey and Armie Hammer, whose handlebar mustache moment went viral.

Armie Hammer
Credit: Armie Hammer/Instagram

"Evelyn [the actor's publicist] begged me to shave it off, but we needed to get a few shots with the 'tache, man. It was too damn good," Hammer said of his "part hairy biker, part 1970s pervert" style in the November GQ UK cover story.

The actor continued: "It didn’t take that much work, actually; I just grew it out. I started shaving my beard and wondered, 'Hey, what would happen if I just leave this side, then the other side?' Boom. I was good to go."