November 11, 2011 05:00 PM

Most of us have slipped (er, pulled) a pair of Spanx on at some point, but we’ve kept them nice and covered with cute dresses, skirts or pants. That’s what Melissa McCarthy thought she was doing when she recently wore a pair to work — but things went totally awry.

The Mike & Molly star told the story hilariously on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, describing how she revealed almost all to some men building a fence in her front yard when walking out the door. “It was horrifying,” she recalled.

Luckily, the bodyshapers worked better for Adam Sandler, who wore Spanx while playing a woman in his new movie, Jack and Jill. “I didn’t know about Spanx until this movie,” he told Ann Curry Friday morning on Today. “Then a lot of women said, ‘Spanx!’ Rock and roll. They work by the way. They tighten you, get you feeling right.”

But even though he enjoyed the benefits, he was happy to take them off at the end of the day. “I enjoyed being a lady for a bit,” he said. “No, I actually didn’t enjoy it, I just say I enjoyed it. I didn’t like it at all.”


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