The actress says she "took a turn" during her senior year of high school

By Kate Hogan
November 28, 2011 11:00 PM

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Melissa McCarthy spent 12 years in a Catholic school — and that was enough to make her take “a turn” during her final semesters there. During an interview with Anderson Cooper on Monday’s Anderson, the Bridesmaids star said she was voted “most changed” in high school — and for good reason.

“I was super-preppy, then by the end I [had] blue-black hair,” she explained of her Goth aesthetic. “I’d wear turtlenecks for pants. I’d put my legs through the sleeves, I’d put in safety pins and let [the neck] hang. My mom loved it — and so did the nuns.”

That severe look was a far cry from the clothes she wore in her earlier days as a cheerleader, tennis player and student council member — though luckily, her Gosselin-esque haircut changed before she hit it big. “Oh my god that is terrible,” she said while reflecting on her formerly short do. “And I remember thinking, ‘That’s it. I’ve done it. I’ve achieved something with that hairstyle.'”

See a few of McCarthy’s high school photos in the clip above, and check your local listings for Anderson viewing times and channels.